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All parents like to think they can pass their musical tastes to their children, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something in return? One person recently asked for suggestions of bands and artists to recommend to their boomer parents. As somebody on the cusp of the Gen X and Boomer generations, I was interested to see these results.

1. Alumnia

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An Italian duo, Almunia, falls into the electronic dance category, but one respondent is sure that older generations will like them. They describe Almunia as having “Pink Floyd vibes,” and that’s one band that all boomers can get behind.

2. Greta Van Fleet

Musical band Greta Van Fleet
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The original poster mentioned that her dad liked Led Zeppelin, which led to this recommendation. Greta Van Fleet is a modern rock band, and the respondent claims that everyone who liked Zeppelin back in the day is “blown away by them.”

3. Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice
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This would be my suggestion to any boomer looking for a new band, and the millennials and Gen Zs often echo it. Wolf Alice has been around since 2010, so they have a lengthy back catalog and lots of music to get lost in. They are similar to many old-school indie bands and are led by Ellie Rowsell’s stunning voice.

4. The Gothard Sisters

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The poster who turned to the forum for suggestions also mentioned that their parents liked country music. According to one respondent, the Gothard Sisters fit this category, and they tell us that the artists are an interesting mix of country and Celtic styles.

5. Idles

Idles band
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Whenever I’ve asked for new music recommendations, Idles are always mentioned. I’m still working my way through their catalog, but this group has strong indie influences, and the fact that they perform on a tribute album to one of my favorite bands of all time (Gang of Four) is a good sign.

6. Steve ‘n’ Seagulls

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I’m not a huge fan of novelty acts, so I’d cautiously approach this suggestion. Steve ‘n’ Seagulls is described on this thread as a “Finnish band that plays rock songs in a bluegrass style.” You’ll need to be more open-minded than me if you’re going in for a listen.

7. Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic band
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Scottish band Twin Atlantic is definitely worth a listen for anyone who loves classic rock tunes. They were formed in 2007, so this is another artist with an extended back catalog. I saw them in my hometown in November 2023, and I’ve never heard a louder band at the venue, while the mosh pit was busier than I’d ever seen it.

8. Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine
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I’ve heard Florence and the Machine being compared to Wolf Alice, but maybe that’s because each band has a female vocalist. Beyond that basic fact, they are unique artists. Florence and the Machine are recommended in this discussion, and I have many Gen X and Boomer friends who own everything they’ve ever released.

9. The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless band
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The Pretty Reckless is fronted by Taylor Momsen, who provides classic rock vocals in a contemporary band. The person who put the group forward recommended the album Death by Rock and Roll, and I’m thankful to have come across it.

10. The Strokes

The Strokes band
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They are recommended as one of the most creative bands around, and The Strokes cover many musical genres. They are tough to categorize, so they appeal to Boomers, Gen Zs, and everyone in between.

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