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In recent years, the roles of men in society have drastically changed. These changes have sometimes left men wondering why, these days, they have to feel so negatively about themselves. These men were brave enough to share the worst aspects of being a man in 2024.

1. Financial Stress

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“As a father trying not to let my family feel the financial stress of the past couple of years. Working more hours, starting a side business, and feeling like I’m barely getting by while not missing these years with my five and two-year-old,” someone shared.

2. Surface Level

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“Conversations with other guys usually center around surface-level subjects like sports, work, etc. Bring up the fact you’ve been really unhappy lately, and you’re almost certain to get weird looks rather than support,” somebody exclaimed.

3. Finding Support

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“It’s really hard to find support. It feels like no matter what you do, it’s wrong. Talk about thoughts and insecurities? You’re either not a real man or burdening someone with emotional labor,” someone stated.

4. Dating Apps

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“Dating has largely switched over to dating apps in recent years over traditional methods of meeting. Unfortunately, due to how many men there are on them vs. women, these apps do not favor most men,” a user shared.

5. Not Able To Vent

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“As a single man in his 30s, no one cares about me. Which is fine, but sometimes I wish I had someone to vent to,” a person declared.

6. Sense of Loss

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“Just the loneliness. Not in a “woe is me, this is a crisis” way. More in this pit-in-the-stomach yearning and sense of loss I feel seeing how many friends my father had in his 40s and 50s and how I’ll probably never have that,” somebody stated.

7. Feeling Burdened

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Someone said, “You’re raised to believe it’s ALL on you. Succeed or fail. And many MANY men silently walk around feeling like their existence is inherently a burden.”

8. Difficult To Support

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“That there’s not an adequate way for men to support their families with traditional blue-collar jobs anymore,” a user exclaimed.

9. Tough it Out

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“The unsettling truth is that despite leaps in societal advancement, the stereotype of the ‘tough it out’ mentality persists, and it’s magnified in a hyper-connected era,” someone said.

10. Barber Shops

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“Barbershops are becoming overpriced and full of bs. No, I don’t want to play pool/PS5 and drink your overpriced beer while I wait for an hour to get my haircut because there’s only one “artist” available in your whole salon,” somebody exclaimed.

11. Roles are Changing

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“The old way was the man was the provider, was a protector of the family, opened doors for women, etc. Now, we’re in a modern society, and traditional roles are changing. As a man, I feel like I’m still expected to do a lot of the traditional things and the more modern things,” someone mentioned.

12. Lacking Purpose

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A user said, “A lack of purpose. I just want to feel useful to someone, but I don’t see what I offer my friends, girlfriend, family, or employer that they can’t get better from others.”

13. Feeling Demoralized

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“Not being able to afford a family home for your wife and kids even though you work full-time. How demoralizing,” somebody shared.

14. “Man” Marketing

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“Having normal products marketed to me with a diamond plate or camouflage and the word “MAN” in the product name because they think that just buying normal Q-tips or baby wipes will shatter my fragile sense of self,” someone stated.

15. Balding

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“For me specifically: balding. I started in high school and just went full chrome dome by the weekend,” someone expressed.

16. Sick of Hearing it

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“I’m tired of pretending it doesn’t suck to hear my wife and close friends say, “all men suck,” or “We’d be better off without men.” I know they don’t mean it entirely, but when you hear it enough times, it’s hard not to feel as if they do,” someone exclaimed.

17. Not Feeling Useful

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“No one is interested in your existence unless you are useful; the expectation is always “more,” and you can’t expect anything in return. We pay for support, or we are alone. Being anything other than 100% results in being treated like a disease,” a person said.

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