Woman pleading with her male partner to forgive her for cheating

Someone took to the internet for advice on a recent infidelity issue they were experiencing. They started to explain that their girlfriend had a full-on mental breakdown, and during that time, she had a fling for two months with someone else before calling it off and confessing what she had done. The people of the internet replied with similar experiences, stories, and advice. Here is some of the advice they shared with the OP (original poster.)

1. Never Able

“I’m a 10-year veteran of trying to do that. I was never able to get over it. We split, and things became approximately one billion times better,” someone shared.

2. The First Time

Someone explained, “I forgave her the first time because she came clean with me rather than my finding out. She also had a myriad of mental issues and was trying to work on them.”

3. Back of my Mind

“Despite my efforts to forgive and forget, it was in the back of my mind for four years before it happened again,” someone exclaimed.

4. Honest or Not

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“I would overcome it with a divorce. People are honest or not, if she had a two-month affair, that is a massive line in the sand that is crossed. I would never trust again, so I would say that is it. In five years, if she goes for a drink with a friend, you will think, is it? I would not want that,” someone advised.

5. Many Wrong Choices

“I don’t buy her excuse for cheating. Cheating is the result of many wrong choices. Without knowing the specifics, she chose to put herself into the situation over and over,” a person stated.

6. Many More Times

“You’re trying to empathize with her by pointing out her hardships and mental issues. That’s fine, but you should also realize this is how she handles hardships and mental issues—something she’ll undoubtedly have to go through many more times throughout her life,” a user shared.

7. Surprised

Someone explained, “My brother met his first wife when she was engaged to someone else. He’s the only one in our family who seemed surprised when he caught her cheating on him.”

8. Still in Love

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“Having been with an unfaithful wife, I ultimately ended up divorcing; let me add in some comments. I know there’s probably a dissonance happening right now within you where you still love your wife deep down, but you’re incredibly hurt, so it’s like you’re torn in two,” somebody sympathized.

9. Most Couples Fail

“Ok, man, real talk. Forget all the people that are going to say, “You don’t.” For this to work moving forward, you both have a lot of work to do. It will likely be a lifetime of work, and this is where most couples (especially the cheater) fail,” someone explained.

10. Overcome

“You should not overcome your wife’s infidelity,” someone said.

“No, you should, by seeing your own value and leaving someone who cannot be trusted. It sucks, it hurts, but you cannot heal without removing the knife,” someone else replied.

11. Justifying

Someone shared, “You are justifying it to yourself with the “life-altering devastating events she went through.” Usually, you go through those together with your partner; it sure as hell doesn’t justify cheating on them. It’s most likely over. It will always be in the back of your mind.”

12. That’s Not Ok With Me

“Honestly, I’m not sure I could do that. Infidelity is such a deal breaker to me I don’t think I’d be able to handle that, regardless of my mental state. It shows that I’m not the one she’ll come to when she’s having issues, and that’s not ok with me,” someone advised.

13. Who Does That

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“I lost count of how many times there is a story about a woman going through some personal loss and then going out cheating like another Thursday; how does that justify anything,” somebody questioned.

14. Quietly Agreed

“Anyone who stays put in that scenario has sacrificed all dignity and quietly agreed to be just a little bit miserable forever. I can hook you up with my divorce lawyer if you want,” a user shared.

15. Trust is Gone

A person explained, “I would just leave. Sorry, trust is gone, and even if they felt horrible and made all the attempts to repent, I would still have it at the back of my mind.”

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