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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a lost opportunity. Finding your soulmate and losing them to chance is devastating. You can’t help but wonder, “What if?” But you’re not the only one to go through those thoughts and feelings.

1. Late Realizations

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One person recalls how a woman in his university approached him with a startling confession after her recent breakup. She told him that her boyfriend had been jealous of him, likely due to how much time they spent together. It took him six years to realize that the woman was interested in him, and the opportunity was lost.

2. The Girl That Got Away

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“I met a girl at a party in 2015; she was beautiful and kind and had all of the same interests as me. When we talked, we’d finish each other’s sentences, our past experiences were so similar, and my heart would melt in her presence,” writes one person when recalling a magical dating experience. However, one day, she suddenly stopped responding to his messages.

A mutual friend informed him that she had something going on. This user tried his best to help but to no avail. “We eventually met, and she said, ‘You do you, and I’ll do me.’ That was that; I never saw her again.”

3. Worlds Apart

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“She is honestly the most amazing person I’ve ever spoken to. She is everything right in this world.” This is how one person describes the love of their life. However, the two are at a point where external factors are playing a massive role in keeping them apart.

They both are moving to different countries and are both in complicated places in life. If only they met a year later when they both were settled and established.

4. Bro Code Failure

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A woman recalls how she admitted her feelings to a friend she liked back in college. She knew this friend liked her too, but was only denying it because he was her ex-fiance’s friend. Little did he know at the time that his friend was an abusive person who didn’t deserve his loyalty.

5. First Love

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Young love is never forgotten. A woman was dating a guy she knew since they were both babies. Both of their moms were good friends for eight years, but then they lost touch. In middle school, the two reunited, but he was having severe issues with mental health due to his mom and dad being toxic people.

Dating was rendered impossible due to his mother’s hatred for her. “I wouldn’t want someone who ignores a clear connection due to his mom’s interference,” she writes.

6. A Happy Ending

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After returning from abroad, a dropout met a woman who was leaving to study overseas. Considering how they were worlds apart, they mutually agreed upon a “summer fling” before she left. However, the two clicked unexpectedly well and were together for six months before parting ways.

“Years passed, and we both moved on to other people, but even though I tried not to make comparisons, nothing even came close to what we had.” The two got into a relationship five years after breaking up, and two years later, it’s still amazing.

7. Past Baggage

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One woman met a guy with whom she hit it off almost immediately. They have been tight-knit for the past three years now. However, unresolved traumas from her past gave them incompatibility issues early on, and she feels really lost sometimes. “I hope one day we can love again, but even if we can’t, I love him so much I’d be fine just sharing my life with him as a friend.”

8. Feline Musicals

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A DJ, who got his name for his love of cats, moved to a new city. “I got into the local scene and found this girl DJ who spun the same style that I did and was also named for her love of cats.” Unfortunately, she was spoken for, so he never really got to know her. After 16 years of DJing, he never came across anyone other than her who mixes liquid DnB with a cat theme.

9. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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A woman met a handsome doctor in 2010, and he liked her a lot. However, different fields and life courses made both of them part ways. She was in junior college, and he was 13 years older. “He said wrong place, wrong time. But he did advise me to go to university, and that way, I met the man of my dreams.”

10. Love is War

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One person recalls being in the United States Air Force at 19 and having dinner with three of his mid-20s marine friends. A gorgeous 19-year-old waitress started asking questions about the military, and she was flirting with him quite a lot. Unfortunately, he was leaving for a new base the very next day and didn’t pursue it further.

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