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A woman recently shared a story in a popular online forum looking for opinions on whether she was the as*hole for posting pictures of her baby shower on social media.

The Shower

Woman taking a selfie at her baby shower
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The OP (original poster) explained that both she and her sister were pregnant at the same time, but unfortunately, due to a tragic accident, her sister ended up losing her baby.

The OP was, of course, sympathetic to her sister’s loss and extended an invite to her shower, but completely understood when the sister didn’t attend.

Afterward, the OP shared some photos from her special day on her social media account, and her sister was upset and sent her a text accusing her of “flaunting it” by posting. She also mentioned that her mother thought she should be more understanding of her sister’s situation, but her husband said there was nothing wrong with her posting a photo.

The OP said she just wanted to be able to share her happy news, too, and was sorry the sister felt the way she did.

The Feedback

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Many Redditors weighed in on the OP’s post to tell her she was, in fact, wrong because she failed to mention in her post that her sister also lost her husband in the accident and that the OP did not attend her brother-in-law’s funeral because she had a fitting for her wedding dress.

Some of the opinions were very strong as they felt the OP intentionally left out the important details of her brother-in-law’s passing and skipping his funeral to garner more sympathy.

One Reddit user said, “YTA (you’re the as*hole). You didn’t include all the details, and on top of that, you’re not a very good person.”

Another weighed in, “YTA, you left out that her husband passed away, and you skipped his funeral for a freaking DRESS FITTING. This just proves you have no empathy for sister.”

Other users initially defended the OP but later edited their opinion once the rest of the details were revealed, “NAH. You did nothing wrong – nor are your sister’s feelings wrong. She is grieving, and hearing other people’s good news about babies is going to hurt her – but the world doesn’t stop for her grief, and people are going to keep living their lives. Doing so isn’t “flaunting” anything.

On some social media platforms, there are ways of blocking just certain people from seeing particular posts. That might be a good way to continue to share your life with your friends & family while shielding your sister from anything baby-related.

EDIT: In light of further comments from the OP showing she’s resistant to making the minor effort to restrict her post audience to spare her sister pain, I’m changing my assessment to YTA.”

Do you think the OP was in the wrong for sharing pictures of her special day on social media? Do you think her sister and mother were justified in being upset with her, or do you think they were being too harsh?

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