Man trying to speak to woman who looks angry at him

A user on a popular online platform shares his story about discovering that his dad has a girlfriend and his guilt over not telling his dad’s wife.

Awkward Meeting

The original poster (OP) says that his mom passed away twelve years ago, and his dad remarried nine years ago to a “really nice lady.”

OP continues by saying that on Monday evening, he was working a shift at a bar, and his dad came in with a woman OP had never seen and was all over her.

OP isn’t sure if his dad intentionally went to the bar he knows OP works at or if he just went because it’s a good bar, but OP did note that he doesn’t usually work on Mondays.

Feeling Guilty

OP said that when he asked his dad about what he saw, his dad said the woman was his 33-year-old girlfriend. OP asked if there were issues at home with his wife, and his dad said no.

OP said he went to his father’s house for dinner that night and felt guilty for not saying anything and just making small talk with his dad’s wife.

OP says he is torn because his dad’s wife is really nice, but his dad has been good to him in a lot of ways. OP added that he hadn’t said anything to his other siblings.

In the Wrong?

The overall consensus in the group was that the OP was in the wrong.

Many users weighed in with comments like, “YTA. I get that he’s your dad, but that poor lady who’s been nice to you has a husband that’s going behind her back. Unless they have an open relationship, then your father is in the wrong. You need to tell her.”

Yet others felt he wasn’t in the wrong; rather his father was. One user commented, “NTA. Your dad is TA, and he put you in a lose-lose situation.

Is OP in the wrong in this situation? Should he have told his dad’s wife about the affair? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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