Man whispering secret to woman who has a shocked look on her face

A Reddit user shares his story of an awkward encounter with his brother at dinner that made his parents demand he apologizes.

Not Conventionally Attractive

The original poster (OP) started off by explaining that his brother has been dating a woman who is blind. He says that his brother “wasn’t as lucky in the gene pools” and isn’t “someone you’d consider conventionally attractive.”

OP goes on to say that his brother’s girlfriend is the most attractive woman his brother has ever been with. OP went to their house to celebrate their pregnancy announcement. His brother and his brother’s girlfriend didn’t plan the pregnancy but are keeping the baby nonetheless.

Falling Flat

His brother’s girlfriend said at the celebration that she was very lucky to meet OP’s brother, that most men only want to be with her for intimacy but don’t want to be “tied down to a blind person.”

OP decided that was the perfect moment to joke that most women “wouldn’t even look” at his brother, so he’s equally as lucky.

Unfortunately, OP’s joke fell flat, and his brother looked incredibly embarrassed. OP’s parents pulled him aside after the celebration and told him that he needed to apologize to his brother for ruining his “celebratory moment.”

OP doesn’t understand how his joke ruined his brother’s moment. He claims he always made jokes about his brother’s appearance, and his brother just brushed it off. Their parents, however, reminded OP that his brother is insecure about his looks.

Not Much Support

Many of the comments were not in support of the OP and his actions. One user said, “And his “it’s alright if I mock him because I have my whole life!” Dang…OP’s personality makes him far uglier than his brother.”

Another commented, “This – he’s hideous! Something tells me he’s chronically single…”

Many users assumed the OP is actually jealous of his brother, and that prompted his behavior saying, “He’s jealous his ‘ugly’ bro got a hot girl. I’m guessing he hasn’t.” Another user echoed similar sentiments, Who wants to bet his bro isn’t even ugly?” 

Was OP’s joke actually funny? Was the brother right to be embarrassed? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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