Woman in wedding dress with a bouquet and screaming into a cell phone

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you and your new spouse are deserving of all the attention on your special day. And because emotions are supercharged, they can sometimes make people overreact over things that aren’t a big deal.

A woman asked Reddit users for their opinion on whether she is the as*hole for announcing her pregnancy at her sister’s wedding. Here’s what happened…

The Wedding

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The OP (original poster) explained that her sister, the bride-to-be, initially asked her to wait a few months to share her special news at her wedding. Though hesitant, the OP agreed and kept her secret even though it made her feel alone, and she was in need of support in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Fast forward to the wedding, and the OP’s sister told her she had changed her mind and didn’t want her to share her pregnancy news during the wedding. The OP was upset and privately told her parents but held off announcing her news to anyone else until a week after the wedding when she made a post on Facebook.

Afterward, her sister caught wind that the OP had shared with their parents at her wedding and was furious. She texted the OP, calling her a b*tch and telling her she made her wedding about herself. The OP said she apologized many times, but the sister won’t speak to her or meet her new nephew. The OP adds she had no intention of being spiteful or hurting her sister.

Support From the Internet

Woman in wedding dress with a bouquet and screaming into a cell phone
Image Credit: Ljupco Smokovski via Shutterstock.

Redditors overwhelmingly agreed with the OP, voting that she’s NTA (not the as*hole) and she didn’t do anything wrong. And many users seemed to think the sister never intended to have the OP announce at her wedding in the first place.

One user said, “I call BS on her ever intending to honor the new addition to the family during a toast at the wedding. Otherwise, her reaction when she found out a week later that the OP had told her parents would be coming from way out of left field. It’s far more likely the OP has a manipulative narcissist for a sister.

I have got to wonder how Grandma and Grandpa are reacting and whether the OP’s younger sister was the golden child.”

Another mentioned, “NTA, but your sister is. Yelling “My wedding is ruined” after one week of happily thinking about the perfect day you had is a really strange move, too, as is “How can I prevent my sister to get any attention at all for the duration of four full months.” Sister needs to stop being dramatic.”

Others sympathized with the OP’s parents, “I think it’s absolutely bizarre for the sister to want to wait to announce it to their own parents at the wedding in the first place. Extended family, sure. But not wanting your sister to tell their own mother for months? If I were the parents, I’d actually be a bit upset if I found out that way (as part of a big group announcement) rather than privately, before everyone else knew.”

This user chimed in with a different perspective, “I would be devastated if my daughters never told me until the fourth month, especially when they really needed me. A bridezilla and as*hole. NTA”

Hopefully, the OP feels vindicated for the way things went down, and she can enjoy this time with her sweet baby. What do you think you would do in this situation?

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