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woman laying in bed sick

A Reddit user shares her story of her boyfriend bringing a cutting board to their bedroom while she was in bed sick so she could still participate in making dinner.

No Sick Days

The original poster (OP) explained that she was sick and informed her boyfriend that she was going to have soup instead of them cooking together like they normally did.

OP’s boyfriend insisted that she go to the store with him to pick out ingredients for dinner and that he would cook for them.

OP caved and went even though she wasn’t feeling well. After they got home, her boyfriend asked her repeatedly to help him make dinner and she begrudgingly agreed.

Soon after starting dinner, she was feeling so terrible she needed to stop. She told her boyfriend that she was going to go lie down and went to bed.

A Helping Hand

A few minutes later, OP’s boyfriend came to their bedroom with a cutting board, a knife, and some vegetables and said that he wanted her to cut up the vegetables so that she could still contribute to dinner.

His reasons were he “did not want to do it all alone” and “if I wasn’t here, you would still have to make dinner for yourself.”

OP informed him that she did not feel like eating.

Is OP right to be annoyed with her boyfriend? Should he have left her alone and handled dinner by himself? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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