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In movies, there’s typically a “good guy” and a “bad guy.” However, these labels can often be subjective, depending on who’s watching. A poll in a popular online forum asked users, “What fictional character is portrayed as a good or innocent person that, when you think about it, is an awful human being?” Here are some of the top-voted answers.

1. The Parent Trap

Image from the movie The Parent Trap
Image Credit: Disney.

Someone said, “Nick and Elizabeth from The Parent Trap. Each of them made the decision to completely abandon one of their children because they didn’t want to see each other again. Are you telling me they couldn’t figure out some sort of third-party custody swap? They had to go straight to pretending one of their children didn’t exist.”

2. Bee Movie

Image from the movie Bee Movie
Image Credit: Dreamworks Animation, LLC.

“The girl from the Bee Movie, the true villain of that movie,” a person said.

Someone else agreed, “I literally think about this all the time. Her boyfriend (Ken?) Might be intense, but dude, if my girl kept canceling yogurt night to flirt with a bee. I’d act pretty insane too. Why IS yogurt night so difficult?”

3. Love Actually

Image from the movie Love Actually
Image Credit: Universal Studios.

A user said, “The guy in Love Actually who’s in love with his best friend’s wife and acts like a stalker. He only films her at the wedding (red flag stalker behavior), then turns up at their house and tells her to be quiet while he shows her some creepy messages. Total weirdo!”

4. The Wizard of Oz

Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz
Image Credit: Warner Home Video.

“Glinda the Good Witch of the East – The Wizard of Oz. She could have told Dorothy how to get home from the beginning. She said, “Only bad witches are ugly,” and then ask Dorothy if she was a good witch or a bad witch,” a person said.

5. Top Gun

Image from the movie Top Gun
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

A user said, “Maverick is the villain in the first Top Gun: wreckless, unpredictable, and ego-driven. Ice-man is the good guy: witnesses Maverick’s action and behavior and tries to tell him bluntly “people don’t like you because you’re unsafe.”

6. Harry Potter

Image from the movie Harry Potter
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

“Severus Snape, A noble ending does not excuse child abuse or a lifetime of acting out because your crush doesn’t like you,” a person said.

7. Gilmour Girls

Image from the show Gilmore Girls
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Somebody said, “Rory Gilmour. Man, she was a stuck-up, spoilt brat who slept with her married ex and, in the sequel, got pregnant by another ex (probably) who was engaged. All while not dumping her boyfriend.”

8. Encanto

Image from the movie Encanto
Image Credit: Disney.

Someone said, “Delores from Encanto. Straight up says at the end of the movie that she knew Bruno was living in the walls the whole time. Why did you not say something! Tell your parents! Get that man some help!”

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Image from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

A user said, “Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Bedridden and unable to work, but can dance when Charlie shows up with the golden ticket. Also, he’s got tobacco money, but his family is literally starving.”

10. Pride & Prejudice

Image from the movie Pride & Prejudice
Image Credit: Focus Features.

A user said, “Mr. Bennett from Pride & Prejudice was so indolent, so frivolous that after fathering five daughters, he didn’t possess the gumption nor prudence to make concessions for them because his estate was entailed to the male line.”

11. The Fast and the Furious

Image from the movie The Fast and the Furious
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

“The entire The Fast and the Furious family. How many innocent people do they kill causing accidents? Oh, the police are chasing you because you committed a crime in their country? Time to send them to the morgue. Good guys win again,” someone said.

12. Family Matters

Image from the TV show Family Matters
Image Credit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

“Urkel, the dude was a downright menace to the Winslows. I know he’s just a nerd that was loveable, but he was definitely stalking Laura and probably trespassed/destroyed more property than any other sitcom character ever,” someone said.

13. Saved by the Bell

Image from the TV show Saved by the Bell
Image Credit: NBC Universal, Inc.

“Zach Morris. Do you remember in Wandavision how Wanda does a bunch of crappy stuff and only becomes a hero because worse people show up at the 11th hour? That’s every episode of Saved By the Bell,” a user said.

14. Mary Poppins

Image from the movie Mary Poppins
Image Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

A user said, “Mary Poppins may seem like a charming caretaker at first, but her manipulative and condescending behavior towards the children is concerning.”

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