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Sometimes it is easier for women to be vulnerable and let their emotions out through a good cry. For men, though, the stereotype of not letting their emotions get the best of them and allowing themselves to cry remains true in today’s society. In a popular online forum, men shared what made them cry last; here are some of the top-voted responses…

1. Lost My Wife

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“My wife died earlier this year, and I’ve cried nearly every day since. I’ve cried in public, at work, in front of strangers. Sometimes I physically can’t stop it once it starts,” someone confessed.

2. Kid Learned To Ride His Bike

Man teaching son to ride a bike
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“Earlier today watched a guy pushing his son on a bike, and the kid went up without training wheels for the first time. They absolutely got me,” a person expressed.

3. Son Started High School

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Somebody said, “Monday, my son started high school, and it hit me. Two years until he is driving. Four years and I won’t see him every day,” someone confessed.

4. Nostalgic Music

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“Music is the number one trigger for me. I was at a Kings of Leon gig last year, just bawling my eyes out because the sentimental nostalgia of the songs reminded me of good times when I was younger and how depressed I’ve felt lately,” a user shared.

5. Haven’t Felt Much

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“It has been five years if I remember correctly. I haven’t felt much of anything in a long time,” someone shared.

6. Dealing With a Lot

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A user said, “Two days ago at work. I wrote a post about it so I won’t be too repetitive, but basically, I was dealing with a lot of stuff with my parents and brother, and my boss said something to me that just made me lose it,” a person shared.

7. My Wife Miscarried

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“Last July, when my wife miscarried. I don’t know why, but I physically can’t cry unless there’s something like death. I honestly wish I could,” someone confessed.

8. My Dog is Sick

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“Just a few days ago, I found out my sweet boy Atlas (10-year-old border collie mix) has cancer that has spread to his lungs. His days are numbered,” someone expressed.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy

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Somebody said, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Wrecked me with Rocket. Lol, Mind you, I also cry when I go see my dad’s grave,” a person shared.

10. Musical Talent

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“Just a couple of days ago. I got really drunk, sat at an outdoor bar, and some random guy played incredibly beautifully on the piano. I shed some tears,” a user shared.

11. Feeling Blessed

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“Last week I was on holiday with my mates. I cried (sober) the second day because I was just so happy to be blessed by such a great group of friends,” a person expressed.

12. Felt Excluded

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“Wednesday. I played recreational adult league ice hockey (beer league) with a team for two seasons, and I found out that I wasn’t invited to the postseason team party,” someone divulged.

13. Ed Sheeran Series

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“Last night, actually, watching the Ed Sheeran series on Disney+. 3rd episode got me good. 10/10 recommend the show,” a person shared.

14. Graduated and Left Town

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“About a month ago? I was leaving my college town for the last time after graduating—absolutely devastating feeling,” someone mentioned.

15. Very Rare

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“Last night, but it’s very rare and very hard for me ever to cry. And it’s okay to grieve my losses when I need to; it’s human,” somebody expressed.

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