Man sitting at a table, crying and covering his mouth

Sometimes it is easier for women to be vulnerable and let their emotions out through a good cry. For men, though, the stereotype of not letting their emotions get the best of them and allowing themselves to cry remains true in today’s society. In a popular online forum, men shared what made them cry last; here are some of the top-voted responses…

1. Lost My Wife

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“My wife died earlier this year, and I’ve cried nearly every day since. I’ve cried in public, at work, in front of strangers. Sometimes I physically can’t stop it once it starts,” someone confessed.

2. Kid Learned To Ride His Bike

Man teaching son to ride a bike
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“Earlier today watched a guy pushing his son on a bike, and the kid went up without training wheels for the first time. They absolutely got me,” a person expressed.

3. Son Started High School

Mom dropping child off a school
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Somebody said, “Monday, my son started high school, and it hit me. Two years until he is driving. Four years and I won’t see him every day,” someone confessed.

4. Nostalgic Music

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“Music is the number one trigger for me. I was at a Kings of Leon gig last year, just bawling my eyes out because the sentimental nostalgia of the songs reminded me of good times when I was younger and how depressed I’ve felt lately,” a user shared.

5. Haven’t Felt Much

Man laying in bed looking depressed
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“It has been five years if I remember correctly. I haven’t felt much of anything in a long time,” someone shared.

6. Dealing With a Lot

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A user said, “Two days ago at work. I wrote a post about it so I won’t be too repetitive, but basically, I was dealing with a lot of stuff with my parents and brother, and my boss said something to me that just made me lose it,” a person shared.

7. My Wife Miscarried

Man putting a woman down and she looks upset
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“Last July, when my wife miscarried. I don’t know why, but I physically can’t cry unless there’s something like death. I honestly wish I could,” someone confessed.

8. My Dog is Sick

Veterinarian doing a checkup on a dog
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“Just a few days ago, I found out my sweet boy Atlas (10-year-old border collie mix) has cancer that has spread to his lungs. His days are numbered,” someone expressed.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy

Image from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy
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Somebody said, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Wrecked me with Rocket. Lol, Mind you, I also cry when I go see my dad’s grave,” a person shared.

10. Musical Talent

Man sitting outside playing a piano
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“Just a couple of days ago. I got really drunk, sat at an outdoor bar, and some random guy played incredibly beautifully on the piano. I shed some tears,” a user shared.

11. Feeling Blessed

Group of friends having drinks at a bar
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“Last week I was on holiday with my mates. I cried (sober) the second day because I was just so happy to be blessed by such a great group of friends,” a person expressed.

12. Felt Excluded

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“Wednesday. I played recreational adult league ice hockey (beer league) with a team for two seasons, and I found out that I wasn’t invited to the postseason team party,” someone divulged.

13. Ed Sheeran Series

Musician Ed Sheeran
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“Last night, actually, watching the Ed Sheeran series on Disney+. 3rd episode got me good. 10/10 recommend the show,” a person shared.

14. Graduated and Left Town

Young woman at her college graduation
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“About a month ago? I was leaving my college town for the last time after graduating—absolutely devastating feeling,” someone mentioned.

15. Very Rare

Man sitting at a table, crying and covering his mouth
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“Last night, but it’s very rare and very hard for me ever to cry. And it’s okay to grieve my losses when I need to; it’s human,” somebody expressed.

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