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You are talking with your friends, and the subject of who is the hottest celebrity comes up. Everyone is saying all the typical answers you figured to hear. Then it comes to your turn, and you say your celebrity crush’s name, and everyone looks at you with a puzzled look.

You’re not alone; someone asked on a popular online forum, “Who is a celebrity you’re embarrassed to admit you find attractive?” Here are some of the top-voted answers.

1. Johnny Knoxville

Actor Johnny Knoxville
Image Credit: s_bukley via Shutterstock.

“Johnny Knoxville has been my celebrity crush since I was a kid (30 now). I don’t think it’s a weird one, but I rarely get people agreeing with me on it”, someone said.

“Silver fox Johnny Knoxville is fine. I walked past him in LA, and whew,” another user agreed.

2. Aiden Gillen

Actor Aiden Gillen
Image Credit: Jaguar PS via Shutterstock.

“Littlefinger. Not just the actor who I find very attractive, but I thought Littlefinger the character was super hot. I know he’s supposed to be horrible. Still hot, though,” one person shared.

3. Tommy Flanagan

Actor Tommy Flanagan
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

“Chibs from Sons of Anarchy. Dude is old enough to be my dad, and I have no clue why I find him attractive,” another person said.

Another person agreed, adding, ”Omg, I forgot about him!”

4. Ken Jennings

Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

One user said, “16-year-old me is here to tell you that I had a huge crush on Ken Jennings during his original Jeopardy run; enough that my mom had the picture of him and Alex Trebek with his total winnings printed onto my birthday cake that year.”

5. Steve Martin

Actor Steve Martin
Image Credit: Everett Collection via Shutterstock.

Someone shared, ”Steve Martin, I always get looks when I answer the celeb crush question in front of people.”

Someone else added, “No way! He’s so handsome, and he’s been a silver fox for like 50 years now.”

6. Jeremy Allen White

Actor Jeremy Allen White
Image Credit: Eugene Powers via Shutterstock.

Someone admitted, “Okay, I’m not really embarrassed because I maintain that he’s actually very, very hot, but there are a lot of people out there who think Jeremy Allen White isn’t hot, so I guess him, lmao.”

7. Alan Rickman

Actor Alan Rickman
Image Credit:G Holland via Shutterstock.

“When I was a teen, you wouldn’t catch me dead admitting that I found Professor Snape sexy, but these days he’s the prototype,” a user said.

8. David Tenant

Actor David Tenant
Image Credit: CarlaVanWagoner via Shutterstock.

“Slightly niche, but David Tenant. There definitely is a subset of people who find him attractive, but I wouldn’t say he’s exactly considered a sex symbol,” a user shared.

9. Conan O’Brien

Talk show host Conan O'Brien
Image Credit: lev radin via Shutterstock.

“He’s charismatic, never heard a bad story about him, and his hair game is perfect. I can’t imagine what you’re doing if you DON’T like Conan,” someone offered.

10. Daniel Day-Lewis

Actor Daniel Day Lewis
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“He’s so gorgeous (and strong and brave) in Last of the Mohicans. Right now, I’m thinking of that scene with Madeleine Stowe…Whew! (Fanning myself.)”

“I’m looking at you, Miss,” one user shared.

11. Willem Dafoe

Actor Willem Dafoe
Image Credit: Cineberg via Shutterstock.

Someone shared, “Willem Dafoe really did it for me in Mississippi Burning. I rewatched the movie after getting Lasik, and my eyes weren’t lying to me.”

12. Adam Driver

Actor Adam Driver
Image Credit: Denis Makarenko via Shutterstock.

“People say it’s weird to have a crush on Adam Driver, and I’ve got to wonder if those people have got eyes…I would climb that man like a tree,” someone volunteered. 

13. Pauly D

Reality Star and DJ Pauly D
Image Credit: Jaguar PS via Shutterstock.

“This is embarrassing, but Pauly from Jersey Shore. He could do without the ridiculous hair, but I’ve always found him so handsome,” a user admitted.

Another person agreed, “He did a photo shoot a long while ago with normal hair, and he’s a good-looking dude.”

14. John Goodman

Actor John Goodman
Image Credit: vipflash via Shutterstock.

“I love a daddy figure like John Goodman. He was such a great dad on Roseanne, and I always had a thing for him. Such a great voice actor, too,” someone shared.

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