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Let’s face it, the majority of celebrities take some inspiration from the things and people around them. They all grew up with idols, and sometimes that adoration can greatly inspire their look and likeness. In a recent online poll, internet users weighed in on which celebrities they believe have copied the looks of others. Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Leonardo Decaprio

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

“Leo said that Jack [Nicholson] is his idol; Acting, womanizing, big movie stardom, and lots of similarities between these two,” a person stated.

 2. Liam Gallagher

Musician Liam Gallagher
Image Credit: Tom Rose via Shutterstock.

“John Lennon and Liam Gallagher. I mean, early Oasis is Beatles cosplay; you can hear it in the music,” someone shared.

3. Travis Scott

Rapper Travis Scott
Image Credit: Christian Bertrand via Shutterstock.

One user noted, “Travis Scott stole his entire persona from A$AP Rocky. He dresses like him, styles his hair/accessories similarly, and poses like him in photos. A$AP has even addressed it in interviews.”

4. Anna Nicole Smith

Actress Anna Nicole Smith
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

“Marilyn has inspired many celebrities, but I think Anna Nicole Smith truly had the closest association to Marilyn [Monroe] in every aspect,” somebody stated.

5. Caitlyn Jenner

Celebrity Caitlyn Jenner
Image Credit: G Holland via Shutterstock.

“Caitlyn Jenner copied Cindy Crawford. I think when that Vanity Fair cover was first released, I thought it was Cindy,” someone confessed.

6. Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“Ariana Grande, at the beginning of her career, was heavily marketed as the new Mariah [Carey],” someone said.

Someone else replied, “And it backfired as people just criticized her a lot. She is basically the only person who has come up into the spotlight and can whistle as well.”

7. Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

“Kim Kardashian has made a career out of copying people,” someone stated.

“YES! That Paper shoot was so much a ripoff that you can even see the photoshop where her butt couldn’t “shelf” the wine glass like the original model’s could, so they photoshopped it, and you can see the wine glass overlapping Kim’s backbone,” someone else responded.

8. Lana Del Rey

Musician Lana Del Rey
Image Credit: Christian Bertrand via Shutterstock.

“Lana Del Rey wholly ripped off young Priscilla Presley’s look,” a person commented.

“She just does her hair up real big, beauty queen style,” someone replied.

9. Greta Van Fleet

Musical band Greta Van Fleet
Image Credit: Ben Houdijk via Shutterstock.

A user stated, “Greta Van Fleet and Led Zeppelin is a pretty egregious example.”

“They are basically AI Zeppelins to me,” a person retorted.

10. Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox
Image Credit: lev radin via Shutterstock.

“I feel like Megan Fox has been trying to be Angelina Jolie for a while,” a user said.

“Megan Fox now or back then? Megan nowadays looks like a Kardashian more than anything,” another user replied.

11. Lily Collins

Actress Lily Collins
Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock.

“Love me some Lily Collins, but I remember her getting heavily compared to Audrey Hepburn when the only thing they share is some vaguely similar features,” someone offered.

12. Kaley Cuoco

Actress Kaley Cuoco
Image Credit: DFree via Shutterstock.

“I always thought Kaley Cuoco was trying to emulate Jennifer Aniston (especially during her Friends era). After I pointed it out to my husband, he could not unsee it, which is especially noticeable in The Big Bang Theory. Kaley has even admitted to idolizing her,” someone confessed.

13. David Bowie

Singer David Bowie
Image Credit: Arthur D’Amario III via Shutterstock.

A user shared, “Because everyone is posting celebrities who copied David Bowie, let’s have a moment for Klaus Nomi, who “lent” one of his famous looks to Bowie for his SNL performance of “Man Who Sold the World.”

14. Ciara

Singer Ciara
Image Credit: Ron Adar via Shutterstock.

“Go Google how Ciara looked and talked before 2010. At some point, she got obsessed with Janet Jackson and began not only styling, dancing, and looking more like her, but her mannerisms and voice as well,” someone exclaimed.

15. Bebe Rexha

Singer Bebe Rexha
Image Credit: A.PAES via Shutterstock.

Someone stated, “Bebe faced allegations of replicating Demi’s [Lovato] album cover artwork, with Demi’s album being released in 2017 and Bebe’s in 2018.”

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