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Children are an incredible gift, but that doesn’t mean that becoming parents is the right move for every couple. Some people think having a baby will bring them closer together with their partner, while others believe it will bring a swift end to their relationship. Recently, users in a popular online forum discussed whether or not bringing a child into the world would make them fall deeper in love with their partners; here’s what they had to say…

1. He’s Very Involved

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“Yes. My husband was always amazed by babies and children. “How can two people make another human? This is so amazing!” He loves playing with our children. He’s very involved in everything related to them,” someone said.

2. It’s a Stress Test

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A user said, “Yes. Absolutely yes. But having a baby didn’t automatically bring us closer. Having a baby was a stress test on our marriage. Surviving (and thriving) beyond the stress test is what brought us closer together. ”

3. It Opened My Eyes

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“No. Sadly, it opened my eyes to how seldom he cares for others,” a person said.

Someone else agreed, “Me too. It’s a sh**ty club to be part of. Sending lots of love.”

4. Different Parenting Styles

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“Nope. Definitely not. It’s been a struggle. Our parenting styles are so different, and we bump heads often. I feel he’s too overcritical, and he can’t handle our kid’s big emotions—he walks away. All the emotional/social load is mine to bear. I’m burned out often,” someone shared.

5. A Different Light

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“I wouldn’t say deeper, but it did make me love him differently and see him in a different light. I didn’t know how much I would love seeing him as a dad,” a person said.

6. A Partner

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Someone said, “Nope. When it’s just the 2 of you, you tend to let more things slide. When your children rely on you, you need a partner, not a dependant.”

7. Resentful

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“No. It made me resent him because he did no housework or baby care when I was around. He thought it was perfectly acceptable to crawl into bed at 2:00 am after a long night of video games and grope me to wake me (new mom, the one who got up with baby because ex could sleep through it) up for s*x,” someone shared.

8. Easier To Go it Alone

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A person shared, “Nope. Not at all. Often women don’t see how selfish their male partners can be until they have a child. Happily divorced – easier to single parent than a parent with the kid’s father.”

9. I Resented Him

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“I did not fall deeper in love with him. If anything, I resented him. I did everything, taking care of him and two kids, the housework, worked and went to school while he had no job and did nothing,” someone said.

10. Head Over Heels

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“We adopted, but yes, it does. I adore watching him with our children and fell even more head over heels for him,” someone said.

11. Risen To the Occasion

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“I am an absolute YES. My husband is the most incredible dad. I knew he’d be good, but every step of the way, he has risen to the occasion and then some,” a person shared.

12. Sweet High Voice

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A user said, “Our baby girl is only two months old, but watching him be such an amazing dad is one of my favorite things! Here’s this big, burly guy talking baby talk with her in a sweet, high voice.”

13. He Became Jealous

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“Not really. When we had our first, he was jealous of how much time I gave. I remember a huge argument in those days. I’m the only one who remembers,” a user shared.

14. A New Side

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“Initially, yes. I saw a whole new side to him. I was VERY ill during my pregnancy & spent a lot of time in hospital. He was always caring, but the depth of his love & care shone through during those dark times,” someone said.

15. He Blamed Me

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“Nope. A***OLE asked for a family, got it, and turned into an alcoholic and stared, blaming me for why his life was ruined,” someone said.

16. Not to Him

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“No, not at all. All my love went to the baby, not to him. He was a liar and a cheat, though. Maybe it would have been different with a different man,” a user said.

17. It Took Time

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“Not at first, but seven years later, oh hell yes. It took him a while to figure it out. Now he’s a wonderful daddy, and I’m nine months pregnant with our second,” a person shared.

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