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Light, bright, organized kitchen

POV: It’s a new year, and you’re ready to get your life together – new year, new kitchen, right? But you’re still feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. Don’t fret. We’ve scoured the interwebs, so you don’t have to, and found 13 high-rated and affordable products you have to get your hands on.

These organization items will whip your kitchen into shape and have people thinking you hired a professional organizer – plus, they’re all from Amazon, so you can get started quickly without busting your budget!

1. A set of Tupperware containers with lids that snap together to help you finally tackle that scary Tupperware drawer. Toss all your old mismatched containers with missing lids and start fresh with this space-saving set.

Rubbermaid 60-Piece Food Storage Containers with Lids, Salad Dressing and Condiment Containers, and Steam Vents, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Red


Helpful Review: “I got these on the Black Friday deal the 60 count, received yesterday in perfect shape and lids fit and most of them I can put my leftovers in others are a bit small and I wish to have more large containers with the order but it will be ok. Most will be used for leftovers or things like that I don’t normally freeze anything because it’s either ate or gone bad in the refrigerator. I didn’t have money for Tupperware so got these with the amazing reviews and haven’t used them yet but got some in the past that worked just needed more to go with them. If they stain a little bit it’ll be ok I’ve had things stain really bad from different companies even Tupperware items and somethings I use for other things. These had me excited to get the quality and quantity is amazing for the price!”Zachary Clifton

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2. An adjustable lid organizer to give you a specific place to store your nice, new stacking lids so you can easily find the size you need without having to dig.

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer, Large, Adjustable Plastic Lid Storage for Kitchen Cabinets

Helpful Review: “This is the BEST way to store lids!! No more mess and having to search for the right lid!! This has saved my husband and me a ton of time and frustration!! We are so glad we found this item!!”Jennifer Bunch

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3. A riser for your spice cabinet so you can easily see all your spices and stop buying new jars of spices you already have.

Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Spice Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, 10-Inch, White/GrayHelpful Review: “This item is rather small so I’d recommend more than one if you have a lot of spices but it’s perfect for me and really helps me find what I’m looking for when I need it.”Kelly Olivas

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4. A set of acrylic bins for your fridge so you can actually find the food in the back before it goes bad. Not only will they keep your fridge looking organized, but they will also make it easier to clean and save you money because you’ll waste less food. #winwin

HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins - 8pcs Clear Plastic Bins For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry Organization and Storage, BPA Free Fridge Organizer, 12.5" Long

Helpful Review: “No more lots of loose items in the fridge and pantry! Like items are together and easily accessible and things stay tidy! No more of moving a bunch of items out of the way to see other things or things getting moved around so much you can’t find them or things getting accidentally pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten!!!!!”Kimberly

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5. Cord wrappers to wrap and hide all your small appliance cords so they’re not cluttering your counters.

Cord Organizer for Kitchen Appliances, Upgraded Kitchen Gadgets Cord Winder Wrapper Keeper Holder for Appliances Coffee Maker, Air Fryer, Mixer, Toaster, Kitchen Accessories Attachments

Helpful Review: “They Work! Easy to install, adhesive works well, and my cords are now neatly out of sight” – William Callahan

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6. Non-skid Lazy Susan organizers so you can quickly grab all of your favorite snacks, bottles, drinks, and more. Give it a spin to find exactly what you need.

Set of 4, 10 Inch Non-Skid Lazy Susan Organizers - Turntable Rack for Cabinet, Pantry Organization and Storage, Kitchen, Fridge, Bathroom Makeup Vanity Countertop, Under Sink Organizing, Spice Rack

Helpful Review: “Wow who knew this could make my cupboards so nice. Getting to my spices had never been easier. So far I haven’t had any issues with it. Seems sturdy and doesn’t skid.”Gloria

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7. A set of airtight storage containers to organize your cabinets and pantry and keep your snacks from getting stale.

MR.SIGA 4 Pack Airtight Food Storage Container Set, BPA Free Kitchen Pantry Organization Canisters with One-handed Leak Proof Lids, 1L / 33.8oz, Medium, White

Helpful Review: “Absolutely love these! Wasn’t very impressed with the Oxo ones we got, but these are SO GOOD! And 100% airtight:)”Hayden Hubbard

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8. A compact label-maker to label all your organizational bins and storage containers so everyone knows exactly what belongs where and put things back in the correct place.

JADENS Label Maker Machine with Tape, D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer for Storage, Shipping, Barcode, Mailing, Office, Home, Organizing, Sticker Maker Mini Label Maker with Multiple Templates

Helpful Review: “Someone in my gardening club swapped seeds with me and had the cutest labeling system. So I thought to get myself a printer too. Very portable! Download the app. I have the newest iphone pro (after years of having the oldest iphone). I got confused bec I was connecting with bluetooth and it was saying not compatible. I was thinking the printer wasnt compatible with the newest phone. Then I read the directions listed here. Don’t use the phone’s bluetooth. Instead, open the app and connect there!!! I printed about 10 labels for my gardening. They’re perfect!”Cathy K.

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9. A water bottle storage rack for your cabinet that can pull double duty and work for drinks and wine bottles.

ZIJUND Water Bottle Organizer for Cabinet, 4 Pack Stackable Plastic Water Bottle Holder, Wine Racks for Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage, Holds 16 Bottles

Helpful Review: “Good quality plastic. Not cheap. Easy to assemble. Works great. This is a game changer to add organization to my cabinet. Holds up to 8 water bottles. Great price also”Brandy A.

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10. This minimal kitchen sink caddy to keep all of your dishwashing essentials organized and within reach and your sink uncluttered.

Wetheny Kitchen Sponge Holder-Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer with Drain Pan 304 Stainless Steel for Sponges, Cleaning Cloth, Scrub Brush, Dish Soap and Hand Sanitizer ( Black )

Helpful Review: “I’m trying to uncluttered and better organize. This is great at my kitchen sink. I love it, and am thrilled with the product. One special touch is the tray that catches any drips and prevents spoils onto the counter.”Carolyn S Hennecy

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11. An in-drawer knife organizer so you can ditch your bulky knife block and free up some much-needed counter space.

Joseph Joseph 85120 DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray for Knives Knife Block, Gray

Helpful Review: “What a great product! It’s a real space saver! We recently downsized & im adjusting to less counter space and less storage space. I didn’t want to waste any counter space on a knife storage block but my drawer space is limited. This was a game changer! Instead of taking up a whole drawer, my kitchen knives are organized & only a half of the drawer is used. Definitely recommend this product!”Stacey

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12. Stackable bamboo storage baskets to store your fruit, veggies, k-cups, or other loose kitchen items. Stack as many as you need to whip your kitchen or pantry into shape.

2 Set Kitchen Counter Basket with Bamboo Top - Pantry Cabinet Organization and Storage Wire Basket - Countertop Organizer for Produce, Fruit, Vegetable ( Onion, Potato ), Bread, K-Cup Coffee Pods

Helpful Review: “Bought for under counter storage of onions and potatoes. Wife liked them so much one earned a spot on top of the counter as a bread basket. Tops are nice as they can double as a cutting board. The stacking option is a nice feature. Happy with purchase and will probably buy more in near future.”Casey

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13. An over-the-cabinet rack to corral your annoying and oddly-shaped cutting board and baking pans. Bonus: it can also hold plastic wrap, kitchen towels, or whatever else your high-organized heart desires.

SimpleHouseware Over Cabinet Door Organizer, Mesh Bronze

Helpful Review: “I really like that I can store my cutting boards it allows me to have more room under the sink! Easy to put together as well!”Nora Summitt

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