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For a long time, society has always accepted that some older men prefer younger women. However, when it comes to younger men being interested in older women, many seem to question their motivation or if they could truly care for a woman much older than themselves. Recently, men explained to older women if they were truly interested in them. Here’s what they had to say…

1. They Have Snacks

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“You guys are usually much more chill, better looking than you think, and usually have snacks,” one man confessed.

2. They Underestimate

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“You’re probably underestimating just how attractive you are. A lot of women your age seem to do that,” someone informed.

3. They’re Secure

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“I’m 35, and the oldest I ever dated was 53. I was 23 years old. It was wonderful because she was mature. She was secure in herself and knew what she wanted. However, the inevitable age gap comes up, especially if the guy wants kids. It was fun, though, for a while,” someone shared.

4. Attraction and Personality

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“When I was 26, I dated a 43-year-old for a while, based on attraction, then continued via personality,” someone confessed.

5. She Was Self-Concious

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“I’m 33, and I adored my last girlfriend of 45. I didn’t think it was really an issue, but she was self-conscious about it,” someone shared.

6. Beautiful and Sweet

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A user said, “I’m 25; my ex was 34. Literally, the most beautiful and sweetest woman I have ever met. To each their own. I always found older women more attractive.”

7. Mature and Confident

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“I’m not qualified as ‘man’ since I’m lesbian, but I did date a woman 12 years older than me. I feel women who are a bit older are more mature and confident. After all, sexy is a vibe, not just about looks,” someone expressed.

8. No Insecurity

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“I’m 35 and almost only attracted to older women 45+ minimum. No insecurity to deal with, they act mature, have their priorities sorted out, not stupid going out to clubs and bars partying every weekend, thinking it’s fun,” a person said.

9. Prefer Older Women

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Someone shared, “Yes. I’m 28, and I’m currently sleeping with a 52-year-old woman. I told her from the beginning that I like older women, but she thought I was either joking or “going through a phase.”

10. Natural Beauty

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“First of all, ladies, I just wanna say that when a man likes you, he doesn’t need you to be all made up to find you attractive. I tell my girl all the time that she’s so beautiful when she’s just hanging around the house, no makeup, hair not done up,” someone expressed.

11. Straightforward

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“There is nothing more attractive to me when someone is clear and straightforward about things,” someone confessed.

12. Everything About Them

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“I’m 27 and have ALWAYS been attracted to older women—their security and confidence, the maturity, the knowledge. I love everything about older women. And yes, this is a thing,” someone said.

13. Not Uptight

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A person said, “Loved it. Those women taught me some stuff, and they weren’t anywhere near as uptight as the women my age.”

14. No Hesitations

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“Had a relationship with a 38-year-old at 29. The best relationship I’ve had so far in my life. Wish it could have become more—no hesitations about it,” someone expressed.

15. Happily Married

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“My wife is eight years older than me. She was 32, and I was 24 when we started dating. We have been happily married for nearly a decade and have a beautiful kid,” someone shared.

16. Any Day of the Week

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“I’m 33, and I’ve had my fair share of older and younger women both. I would take a woman 10-20 years older than me any day of the week over someone younger than me,” someone informed.

17. Not Uncommon

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A user shared, “I know a 19-year-old guy that dated a 49-year-old. Yeah, many younger men like women older than them; it’s not really that uncommon, I don’t think.”

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