Actor Will Ferrell

Even the most famous actors can’t please all their critics. Who is one actor you can’t stand watching, no matter their role? A popular online forum shared their opinions on this topic – these were the top-voted actors that immediately turned them off.

1. Will Ferrell

Actor Will Ferrell
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Another volunteered, “Going to be an unpopular opinion, but I can’t stand Will Ferrell. His style of comedy just makes me cringe and get secondhand embarrassment. Can’t enjoy it no matter how many times I try.”

Echoing those sentiments, another added, “Will Ferrell annoys me to no end. It’s either cringe, awkwardness, or an embarrassing failure at comedy.”

2. James Corden

Actor James Corden
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One person weighed in, “I literally can’t think of a movie he’s in except Cats, which is regarded as one of the worst movies of all time.”

3. Jared Leto

Actor Jared Leto
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

“He’s been in a ton of good movies, though. Fight Club, Blade Runner 2049, Dallas Buyers Club, Requiem For a Dream, American Psycho. He was never the lead in any of those, I guess, but he’s not a bad actor. Just seems like a weird cultist guy,” someone commented.

4. Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart
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“I get it you’re short. I am short, too; the difference is I don’t make my whole personality revolve around that one trait. Oh, and yelling. He yells too much,” somebody said.

5. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Actor Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson
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Someone voted for The Rock, saying, “He just plays the same character in every movie.”

Another added, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, he has two characters. Secret agent cop spy guy who is funny and safari cargo pants machete jungle guy who is funny.”

6. Ezra Miller

Actor Ezra Miller
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One user said, “He’s an experiment by God to see how much boyish charm can get away with. Pro tip: basically, everything.”

Another chimed in to say, “There was such a massive cope surrounding him then it just got to the point where no one could defend him anymore. You still get people who will automatically go to bat for people like Ezra no matter what they do. Johnny Depp being outed by the industry, but Ezra still getting gigs just goes to show you how hypocritical Hollywood is.”

7. Will Smith

Actor Will Smith
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Regarding Will Smith, someone said, “Meh. Most of his performances are not that great. His few serious roles are good, but everything else is meh.”

Another agreed, “I would have said Will Smith, too, even before the slap. I liked him a long time ago, but then he made too much crap, and now I just never feel like seeing anything he’s in.”

8. Mark Wahlberg

Actor Mark Wahlberg
Image Credit: Rene Teichmann via Shutterstock.

A non-Marky Mark fan said, “I have such a love/hate with him. For every (what it feels like) 5 movies he does, 1 of them is good.”

Another added, “You’re exactly right. For me, Invincible and The Departed were good showings. Not a fan of any other performances, even SNL.”

9. Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise
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Someone offered, “Tom Cruise is just beginning to know how to act. Up till now, he couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. Same with Leonardo Dicaprio. Inception would have been unwatchable if it hadn’t been an ensemble cast.”

10. Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa
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“The dude cannot deliver a line at all, and has zero charisma. He can stand around looking menacing, but that’s it,” a user stated.

Another said, “His appearance in Dune ruined all immersion I felt during that movie. Anytime he was on screen, I was immensely distracted by his bad acting.”

11. Timothee Chalamet

Actor Timothee Chalamet
Image Credit: Fred Duval via Shutterstock.

“I’m having such a hard time watching him in Dune. I love the story, the costume work, scenery, and the other actors in the movie are wonderful. But ol’ Timmy boy just doesn’t feel like Paul Atreides to me at all. His portrayal seems…hammy and overacted. Like he’s trying really hard to be Paul…instead of actually being Paul.”

12. Seth Rogan

Actor Seth Rogan
Image Credit: carrie-nelson via Shutterstock.

Someone confessed, “He was hilarious to me when I was a teenager. Too bad he’s an unhinged loon IRL (in real life) and a one-trick pony when it comes to his comedy.”

Another apparently feels physically ill, adding, “Seth Rogan. Unbearable, and something about him makes me feel nauseous.”

13. Vin Diesel

Actor Vin Diesel
Image Credit: Tinseltown via Shutterstock.

Someone replied, “He takes the Fast series way too seriously. It’s proceeded to become a parody ever since he’s gone on this family charade.”

Another person added, “As a lead. Him voicing stuff usually turns out well. Him being on actual camera? Post-Pitch Black? He’s too concerned with how cool he looks every microsecond.”

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