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Image of actress Toni Collette

Are there any actors or actresses in Hollywood who have demonstrated incredible talent but don’t get the recognition they fully deserve? The internet thinks so! After being polled, “Which actor or actress is far more talented than they are given credit?” These were the top-voted responses.

1. Sam Rockwell

Image of actor Sam Rockwell
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“Sam Rockwell isn’t exactly unknown, but I’d like him to get more high-caliber roles. He can certainly handle them,” someone suggested. “Watch, Mr. Right. And also, since nobody mentioned it, Guy in Galaxy Quest!” Another added, ‘I loved Seven Psychopaths. He and Christopher Walken are pure gold.”

2. Toni Collette

Image of actress Toni Collette
Image Credit: lev radin via Shutterstock.

“Toni Collette. She knocked it out of the park in Hereditary,” said one. “YES! Ever since Muriel’s Wedding, I will watch anything with her in it. Little Miss Sunshine too. Such a gem of a movie,” another agreed.

The Sixth Sense was my favorite of her roles,” a third said. “The way she showed her feelings, love, fear, and frustration over her boy was amazing. Especially in her final scene with Cole.” Finally, someone mentioned her incredible performance on the Netflix mini-series, Unbelievable.

3. John Lithgow

Image of actor John Lithgow
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“John Lithgow. Everything from The World According to Garp to Third Rock from the Sun to Dexter, his range is impressive,” shared one. Another added, “My favorite actor of all time. He can do drama, thrillers, and comedy at the highest levels, and I loved him as the villain in Cliffhanger

4. Stephen Root

Image of actor Stephen Root
Image Credit: Eugene Powers via Shutterstock.

“Stephen Root,” another suggested. “He seems like he’s in almost everything and his characters are always excellent. My favorite role was Jimmy James in the TV series NewsRadio. His acting in Barry is also incredible.”

5. Tatiana Maslany

Image of actress Tatiana Maslany
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.

“I was shocked at how little hype Tatiana Maslany has after watching Orphan Black. She embodied so many clones so well I was bummed that they weren’t all real people cause I grew fond of all of them. It shows that the most hyped doesn’t mean the most talented,” someone confessed. Another added, “She’s fantastic as She-Hulk as well!”

6. Michael Shannon

Image of actor Michael Shannon
Image Credit: taniavolobueva via Shutterstock.

“Michael Shannon,” replied one. “He embodied his roles and was great in Midnight Special.” Another snickered, “Well, he has been nominated for two Oscars. Also, he was great in Revolutionary Road, even better than Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.”

7. Guy Pearce

Image of actor Guy Pearce
Image Credit: Denis Makarenko via Shutterstock.

“Guy Pearce should have become a top-leading man. He had that Brad Pitt look in the Memento days,” one stated. Although I’m always happy seeing a good actor do smaller, niche movies, it is a bummer that Pearce didn’t get at least one huge role,” agreed another. “He was fantastic in the last two movies I’ve seen him in, Rover with Robert Pattinson and Zone 414.”

8. Walton Goggins

Image of actor Walton Goggins
Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency via Shutterstock.

“Walton Goggins was incredible in Justified, an overall formulaic show, but still very good. He stood out as just stealing the show. One season in, I wanted the show to be all Boyd Crowder all the time!”

“When I saw him in The Hateful 8, I was like, yes! He’s finally going to get the significant roles he deserves! But, unfortunately, I’m still waiting for that, much to my dismay,” reported another. 

9. Harvey Keitel

Image of actor Harvey Keitel
Image Credit: Denis Makarenko via Shutterstock.

“Harvey Keitel. Too often, he’s given minor roles, but he shines when he gets more screen time: Reservoir DogsThe Last Temptation of ChristThe Duellists. He’s also surprisingly good in period dramas, not just gangster flicks,” one stated. 

“When I say I was startled at how instantly attractive Keitel became to me after The Piano… fans self, I will watch him as a leading man in so much more,” another declared. 

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Image of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Image Credit: s_bukley via Shutterstock.

“Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I remember him in 3rd Rock From The Sun in the 90s. When child actors still act after they turn 18, that is either bad or good. He’s incredible,” replied one. While people mentioned movies like Inception, 50/50, and Looper, others noted that it was over a decade ago and want to see much more of him. He also nailed his role in The Dark Knight Rises

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