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As a man goes through his life at different stages, there are milestones and unwritten rules that he can participate in. Some of them are like a coming-of-age milestone you might not even realize you are doing, while others are just being courteous to those around you. These men share some of the unwritten rules they abide by.

1. No Roasting

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“One must never, EVER roast a friend to try and impress a girl,” someone declared.

“Yes. Roasting is only for showing broffection,” another user responded.

2. Skid Marks

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“If you see a skid in the toilet, you have to pee it off,” someone stated.

“That’s just good manners,” someone replied.

3. Swords

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“No matter your age. A stick is a cool sword,” someone mentioned.

“Unless it’s perfectly slingshot shaped, then you’ve gotta take it home and tell yourself you’re gonna make a slingshot with it, but never make a slingshot,” another person added.

4. No Smack

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“Be smart to your friends to their faces, relentlessly and without pause. If they’re not there, have their back, and never smack talk them,” a person declared.

5. Testing Tools

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“Always click the tongs before use,” one user mentioned.

“And test the drill twice,” another added.

“And twirl the scissors on your trigger finger before putting them quickly and elegantly into your (imaginary) holster like an old-timer gunslinger,” a third person stated.

6. Head Nod

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“You will return the head nod,” someone said.

“I do this all the time just to see; not a single person has ever not done it back,” a person replied.

7. Mothers

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“Be nice to everyone’s mother,” somebody stated.

“X1000. My friends all practiced this method with my parents,” a person confirmed.

8. Keep Your Eyes Forward

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“You will stare into your urinal bowl and your urinal bowl only. Throughout the process of urination, you can only look directly forward,” someone declared.

9. Check in With Friends

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“Keep an eye on your male friends. Especially ones that may be lonely. It’s important to check in with them to ensure they are ok. There’s usually a wall to get through – but you need to try,” a person mentioned.

10. The Stance

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Someone explained, “After a certain age, you should walk slowly with one hand, grabbing the other behind your back. It is also acceptable to stand in this position while observing something and make general remarks about the situation you’re observing, like “This doesn’t look good.”

11. Offer To Help

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“An unwritten rule of being a man: Always offer to help move heavy furniture, even if you secretly hope they say no,” someone shared.

12. Securing Loads

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“If you ever tie anything down to a trailer, you must then slap it and say “that’ll hold.” The same for the roof if the car is hanging out the back,” somebody explained.

13. Maximum Volume

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“You must deploy the sneeze at maximum volume,” someone expressed.

“My wife refuses to go shopping with me due to the commotion I cause from a sneeze,” someone responded.

14. Emotional Radar

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“Help those who need it but can’t ask. Use your emotional radar without anyone knowing you have one,” a person expressed.

15. The Humidity

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A person explained, “If someone complains that it’s hot, you must immediately and without delay respond with “It’s not the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity.”

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